About Us

ESOK Organisation was founded in 2020 by a team of young Rwandans based in UK and Rwanda. Together, with the support of British NGO, Aegis Trust, and The University of Winchester, we embarked on a collaborative project aiming to address key development challenges in Rwanda, whilst promoting socioeconomic development in the nation. 


The term ESOK is an abbreviation for English for Speakers of Kinyarwanda. The wordplay on “Isoko” (translating to Market, or Marketplace in Kinyarwanda) speaks to the nature of the programme - an initiative aimed to encourage collaboration, sociability and exchange (of knowledge and skills, in this case). We use English as a gateway to empowering local Rwandan citizens with life changing skills, knowledge and tools to improve local their livelihoods through our different workshops (such as English courses, entrepreneurial workshops, CV drafting, IT skills, etc). We also provide opportunities for Rwandans in the diaspora to make a difference in Rwanda by directly impacting lives of local Rwandans by offering volunteering opportunities to run workshops or to get involved in community-led grassroot projects.


"[This programme] was like an answer to my prayers - I couldn't wait...I'm improving everyday and I'm sure this will help me support my children with their school work"

- Dorothy, Student (ESOK English for Beginners)

Our mission is to empower beneficiaries through skills training, creating open and inclusive spaces for learning. The ESOK platform not only encourages, but enables others to give back (through education) and join us in placing Rwanda at forefront of innovation, change, and most importantly…growth.

Our Mission


We have identified four SDGs that express in a universal language the key priorities addressed by our areas of action. These are SDG 4, SDG 8, SDG 9 and SDG 10.

We pursue some of the specific targets which are enclosed in the description of each SDG. Click here for a summary of those specific objectives that we aim to achieve through our programmes.


Meet the Founders


Husna Karangwa
Finance Director


Natalie Rutagamirwa
Communications Director

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Cynthia Umulinga
Events Co-Ordinator

Tania Mutesa
Strategic Director


Ajax Mbayiha


Daniel Ganza

Deputy Chairman

Diana Mbabazi
Programme Director



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