• Ajax Mbayiha

Positive Change in the Community!

Read reviews from two of our participants in our "ESOK: English for Beginners Course"!


I am a single mother with four children and I work as a tailor. The main reason I joined this English learning program is because I was very eager to learn English. I once got three chances to work in different African countries, but due to the lack of English skills, I missed out on these opportunities. When I heard about this program I grabbed the opportunity - it was like an answered prayer and I couldn’t wait to get started.


My name is Bilari and I am one of the participants in this English learning program.

I live in Nyamirabo and work in town as a mechanical engineer. Before I joined this English learning program, it was very hard for me to communicate with people using english but this program has answered my prayers and it will help me to communicate easily and also apply for a job with much confidence. I really enjoy my class because my friends help me a lot to understand what has been taught and I see my self improving very fast. By the end of this program I will be able to communicate fluently in English.

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